This is a collection of articles I wrote over the years, presently with a strong focus on building reactive systems with Akka.

Play! Scala and JSON

Published on 16 September 2011

Update: If you need to have custom de/serialization of some types, check out this new post I’ve been working with Play! Scala for a couple of months now, and the experience is […]

Selenium IDE plugin for the Play! framework

Published on 23 March 2011

Two months ago we started using the Play! framework for our work at Oxiras (as I am writing these lines, the Oxiras website is still totally empty, this should change soon however). […]

Information Retrieval

Published on 11 February 2011

This morning I spent some time looking for information on how to deploy a legacy webservice on Apache Karaf. This post isn’t about Karaf and OSGi and webservices though, but a reflection […]

Debugging ANT tasks in IntelliJ IDEA

Published on 8 September 2010

I recently started using IntelliJ IDEA in addition to Eclipse after seeing it being used by some dutch colleagues of mine. And I must say that I do like it more and […]

Early rising

Published on 1 April 2010

“Day 4. The headache is bad, the coffee tastes bitter, but I still keep fighting.” Those is what a diary of mine would sound like if I were writing one, describing my […]

New CV

Published on 1 September 2009

Have you ever written a CV as part of a lecture at university (yes, in France, there are such lectures), a seminar for young graduates, or have you ever gotten feedback from […]

How I stopped reading the news and feel much better now

Published on 9 April 2009

Over the past years, we have been given the access of increasingly more and more information. Not only are we given the opportunity to get nearly real-time information about all the terrorist […]

Following through with dreams in rough times

Published on 9 March 2009

For a while now I am following the Illuminated Mind blog and even purchased Reclaim your dreams (and also started reading it, though I still have something to do about the “finish […]

The cost of simplicty in technology

Published on 14 September 2008

Recently I decided to try out a new kind of computer and bought a MacBook Pro. After many years on PC, which never really satisfied me in matters of simplicity of use, […]