This is a collection of articles I wrote over the years, presently with a strong focus on building reactive systems with Akka.

Subsequent thoughts on fatherhood

Published on 16 November 2017

A bit over two years ago, I wrote about my initial thoughts on fatherhood a bit after our daughter was born. Our son Théo is now 4 months old and I find it fitting to write a follow-up. Life with one kid Life with one kid is easy (in a couple). You’re two adults (well, – Read More

The reality of writing a technical book

Published on 15 July 2016

Two days ago I received my copies of Reactive Web Applications. Needless to say, I had been waiting for this moment for some time. Even though the final PDF version had been out for a few weeks prior to this, nothing compares to holding in your hands an actual, physical, printed book and seeing the – Read More

Initial thoughts on fatherhood

Published on 16 October 2015

Our daughter Valérie was born two three weeks ago. This post is a collection of thoughts and first impressions that my tired brain will probably forget if I don’t write them down. Priority zero The most significant change for me was the very strong shift in priorities. From the moment of birth became the priority – Read More

New CV

Published on 1 September 2009

Have you ever written a CV as part of a lecture at university (yes, in France, there are such lectures), a seminar for young graduates, or have you ever gotten feedback from the professionals in the branch? I did. It always ended up with some frustration – all the small pieces of creativity would get – Read More

How I stopped reading the news and feel much better now

Published on 9 April 2009

Over the past years, we have been given the access of increasingly more and more information. Not only are we given the opportunity to get nearly real-time information about all the terrorist attacks, accidents, revolutions and other events happening around the world, but with the evolution of mobile services, we get access to this information – Read More

Following through with dreams in rough times

Published on 9 March 2009

For a while now I am following the Illuminated Mind blog and even purchased Reclaim your dreams (and also started reading it, though I still have something to do about the “finish reading it” part). The blog deals with how to get out of the trap of a job and life you don’t want, and – Read More