This is a collection of articles I wrote over the years, presently with a strong focus on building reactive systems with Akka.

A quick tour of build tools in Scala

Published on 19 April 2018

Update 20.04.2018: added Polyglot Maven Scala has a rich ecosystem and active community producing a lot of useful libraries. So much so that, sometimes it is not easy as a newcomer to decide which library to pick for a given task (this is the case for example when it comes to database access and JSON – Read More

Tour of Akka Cluster – Akka Distributed Data

Published on 3 January 2018

Building distributed systems is hard. Pesky things like the laws of physics get in the way of maintaining state accross geographically (and chronologically) disparate systems, and, if that weren’t already outrageous enough in itself, those systems may be subject to network failures, forcing us to think about annoying tradeoffs regarding consistency, availability and the meaning – Read More

A quick tour of JSON libraries in Scala

Published on 6 November 2015

Update (18.11.2015): added spray-json-shapeless library Update (06.11.15): added circe library Some time ago I wrote a post on relational database access in Scala since I was looking for a library and there were many of them available, making it hard to make a choice. It turns out that the situation is similar if not worse – Read More

Reactive Play

Published on 27 January 2015

TL;DR: Play applications are not automagically performant. I’m writing a book that shows how to use Play correctly, especially when used to working with threaded web-servers such as Tomcat or Jetty. Save 50% with the code mlbernhardt.

A handful Akka techniques

Published on 23 April 2014

I’ve been using Akka for 3 years in a variety of projects and by now, I have a hard time imagining to deal with some of the parts of my work without it. Sure, Scala provides other powerful paradigms for dealing with concurrency, but I find Actors to be one of the most elegant concept – Read More

A quick tour of relational database access with Scala

Published on 4 February 2014

Update: Added Squeryl, thanks to @JoeZulli for the heads-up Update 2: Added link to latest Squeryl release for Scala 2.10 and 2.9.2 I recently started working with relational databases again from within Scala, after a while in JSON-land (mostly MongoDB and elasticsearch). During that time, I’d been happily working with lightweight libraries / DSLs that – Read More

Java2Days Sofia 2013

Published on 21 December 2013

Two weeks ago, I went to speak about Scala at the Java2Days conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was the 5th edition of the conference, and my first time there. A small group of speakers (to the extent of my knowledge, Josh Long, John Willis and Andrew Lombardi) has been flying overseas every year to attend – Read More

Tips & tricks for setting up a Play 2 project

Published on 16 November 2013

Here are the slides from my talk at Devoxx 2013 in Antwerp: The sample application built in the slides is also available on GitHub. Devoxx was great, as always! A huge thank to Stephane and his crew for making it happen, year after year!

Reactive Golf or Iteratees and all that stuff in practice, part 3

Published on 26 October 2013

In part 1 and 2 we’ve seen how to build a completely reactive chain to fetch a large stream of data from a REST API, transform it on the fly and send it over to indexing to ElasticSearch. Now one question remains: does it actually work, and does it help solve a real problem? In – Read More