This is a collection of articles I wrote over the years, presently with a strong focus on building reactive systems with Akka.

Java impressions after 2 years of abstinence

Published on 3 June 2013

Today I wrote my first useful Android app, which shows the bus connections from the bus stop next to our flat to the subway line (I didn’t say it was going to be useful for you). Since I didn’t want to start right away making things more complicated by adding Scala to the mix, I – Read More

Twitter, geolocalisation and pervasive games – mixing virtual and real life

Published on 30 January 2008

Today I created an account on twitter after reading an article at academhack. Apparently there seem to be some interesting usages of this micro-blogging tool, like increasing communication amongst members of a same community. Whilst the article on academhack emphasizes the educational usages of the tool, I wonder if the same thing wouldn’t work in – Read More