Lightbend Akka Typed for Scala / Java – Professional course

This two-day (three-day for Java) course introduces experienced Scala developers to the reactive Akka toolkit. The combination of hands-on work and exercises in this course provide the perfect environment to best learn to use Akka with Scala.

The course is now updated to include the new Akka Typed API that brings significant advantages over the classic API.


  • Developers with basic knowledge of Scala, as covered in “Lightbend Scala Language – Professional”
  • Developers with a familiarity of Reactive Architecture, as covered in “Lightbend Reactive Architecture – Professional”
  • Developers who want to develop resilient, event-driven, scalable applications
  • Architects who want to have hands-on experience building Reactive Akka applications


  • Developers gain knowledge and skills to design fault-tolerant apps using Akka
  • Certified Lightbend Trainers share how to configure, test, and tune Akka apps
  • Production readiness – create asynchronous, event-driven systems


  1. Introduction to Akka
  2. Actor Basics
  3. Testing Actors
  4. Actor Lifecycle
  5. Fault Tolerance
  6. Routers and Dispatchers
  7. Modifying Actor Behavior
  8. Ask Pattern


  • Level: Intermediate – knowledge of and practical experience with Scala is assumed
  • Length: Two days – 14 hours of classroom time, plus breaks
  • Approach: Extensive hands-on coding – students develop a workshop case study and produce a fully functional application that is event-driven and resilient
  • Requirements: Students must bring their own laptops with Java 8

Date & Location

On demand

Online, possibly on-site (once this is possible again)