Here you can find more in-depth information about projects I have worked on, such as distributed systems research, prototypes and client projects. If you want to know more about what I do and how I can help you, go to work with me or just contact me directly.

New adaptive accrual failure detector for Akka

Implementation and benchmarking of an improved adaptive accrual failure detector for Akka Cluster. The benchmark was performed on cluster sizes 3, 10, 100 and 400 on AWS for various values of the suspicion threshold, both for this new adaptive accrual failure detector and the phi adaptive accrual failure detector.

Delving Culture Hub

Architecture, design, development and maintenance of the Delving Culture Hub open-source project, a platform for cultural heritage organizations enabling them to make their digitized assets searchable and easily available to the public.

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Delving Pool

SaaS backend of the Delving Culture Hub platform.

CQRS-based Restaurant Reservation System

Architecture, design and development of a booking system for a restaurant reservation management SaaS (as yet unreleased).

Nexxchange Portal

Architecture, design, development and maintenance of the online portal of the Nexxchange platform for Golf reservations. During the course of this project a solution for providing a homogenous interface on many individual backend systems was developed.

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The technical platform of Los Angeles based Talenthouse had to be insourced and as a result rebuilt from scratch in the matter of a few months.

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Akka Cluster Prototype

This prototype was part of a technology evaluation and aimed at demonstrating the capabilities of Akka Cluster.