I’m a Lightbend training partner and certified to deliver various training courses in English, German and French. The courses are designed to bring developer teams of all sizes up to speed with reactive technologies. All courses can be done on site or remotely.

Upcoming Public Training Courses

There are currently no upcoming trainings, please check back soon.

Lightbend Akka Streams – Professional

This Professional course is aimed at developers who want to learn to work with the extremely powerful Akka Streams toolkit.

Lightbend Akka – Professional

This Professional course is aimed at developers who are just getting started with Akka.

Thierry Bathias
CTO - Deveryware

Manuel recently delivered one of his courses at Deveryware to help our development team get on track with Akka for Java. It makes things a lot easier that Manuel also offers his workshops in French, and the whole team made a lot of progress during the training.

I especially appreciate Manuel’s flexibility and the work he put into making the training a perfect fit for us. He even went out of his way to accommodate our scheduling problems so that all our developers could attend the course.

Lightbend Akka – Expert

This Expert course is aimed at developers who are acquainted with working with Akka on a single machine and want to learn about the clustering capabilities of Akka to build distributed systems. This is the course I teach the most at the moment.

Nicolas Leroux
CEO - Lunatech

I contacted Manuel to teach us a bit more about Akka for a new project that required our team to get to know the distributed side of Akka. The course went really well — so well, in fact, that we’re probably going to book another one for more of our people.

I first reached out to Manuel via Twitter and we hashed most of the course out in direct messages. This is the kind of flexibility and openness I welcome from partners.

Robert Lux
Vice President IT & Development - Dimoco Europe GmbH

We had to replace a key component in our system and brought Manuel in to introduce us to Akka. We had already been looking closely at a different solution, but Manuel’s prototype quickly convinced us that Akka would be the best choice for us.

Manuel used three connected Raspberry Pi computers to demonstrate how lightweight and fast the Akka toolkit is. He then got our team up-to-speed on the technology and supported us while we developed and successfully implemented our new system with Akka. In this critical process, his expertise with distributed systems was invaluable to us.

Lightbend Scala Language – Professional

This Professional course is aimed at developers who want to get started with the Scala language.


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