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Transitioning to a reactive architecture

I specialise in reactive technologies and have been helping my clients transition to distributed computing since 2008. I focus primarily on production systems built with the Play Framework, Akka and Scala.

One way for distributed systems to run more smoothly is to transition to a reactive architecture. Akka, the Play Framework and Scala are flexible technologies that can grow with a company as it becomes more successful.

There are various ways I can support companies with reactive systems.


Over the years, I’ve helped several companies with the change to reactive distributed systems. I guide my clients through the entire process, from advising on technologies they could use to lending hands-on support with designing and implementing their new system.

Check out my portfolio to see how I have helped clients with reactive systems.


I’m a Lightbend training partner and certified to deliver various training courses in German, English and French. The courses are designed to bring developer teams of all sizes up to speed with Akka. All courses can be done on site or remotely.

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I use prototypes to help clients choose the right technology for their systems. If you are already evaluating several technology stacks in the domain I can help you by building an architecture prototype to validate or invalidate the key requirements. Take a look at an architecture prototype I created for one of my clients using 3 Raspberry Pi computers to simulate a larger distributed system.

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