Expert services to guide you towards a reactive system architecture

My services are available as low-risk, fixed-price packages. If you didn’t find a package to meet your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss a custom engagement. I offer all of these services in english, german and french.

60-Minute Strategy Call

Do you want to make sure you're headed the right direction before investing a considerable amount of time and money? Do you need a quick look at your planned architecture? Are you unsure as to the next steps to take? I can help you with a focused strategy call during which we'll work out solutions for your problems.

This 60-minute call currently costs 399€. Learn more

Architecture review

Did you and your team start embarking on a new project using the reactive approach and technologies such as the Akka Toolkit or Lagom Framework, but are you not quite sure if you are doing things “the right way”? Or are you getting closer to moving to production and would like to know if there isn't anything important you have missed? Let’s check right now how you are doing. I’ll take a look at your architecture and codebase, identify critical design and development anti-patterns and give you a set of recommendations as to how to best proceed going further.

Review packages start at 5950€. Learn more

Training Courses

As a certified Lightbend training partner I offer professional and expert training courses on Akka, Akka Cluster, Akka Streams and Scala. These courses are ideal if you need to get a team up to speed with the technology and way of thinking. I can give those courses both on-site or remotely depending on what fits the situation best.

Training courses start at 4000€. Learn more

Custom Architecture Prototype

Are you thinking about transitioning to a reactive system architecture and would like to evaluate the use of Akka, Akka Cluster and Akka Streams for this purpose, but are not sure how to use the technology in the best way? Rather than to invest in training and allocating a team to develop a prototype, I can take care of the creating an architecture prototype that suits your needs.

Custom prototype creation costs 29500€. Get in touch