Hello, I’m Manuel. I help technology companies become future-proof by getting them started with reactive systems

Hello, I’m Manuel. I help technology companies to achieve the necessary reliability and performance goals for their critical systems.

Modern applications are required to be fault-tolerant and scalable, which means that they need to be distributed (single computers can fail). Unfortunately, building and operating distributed systems is not an easy feat, as the ever-growing amount of distributed systems research shows. To make things worse, there is no lack of available architectural approaches and technologies to choose from, all of them promoted as being the perfect solution for all of your business problems and only seldomly being completely transparent as to their respective tradeoffs.

I have over a decade of hands-on experience with designing, building and fixing production systems in various industries (mainly finance, mobility, energy and telecommunications). Lately my focus has been on reactive systems built on the Java Virtual Machine with tools such as Akka and Scala.

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