Hello, I’m Manuel. I help medium-sized tech companies become future-proof by helping them transition to reactive systems.

Hello, I’m Manuel. I help medium-sized tech companies become future-proof by helping them transition to reactive systems.

Reactive technologies like Akka, the Play Framework and Lagom are flexible solutions. They can grow and develop with a distributed system, making it more viable in the long run.

I can guide your company through the entire process of switching platforms, from choosing the right technology to implementing your new system and getting everyone settled with it. I’m also a Lightbend training partner and offer specialised courses to get you up to speed with Akka and Scala.

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What my clients say

    Jessica Millar, CTO VCharge – “VCharge has a complex and naturally reactive technology which is working in production but needs to rapidly scale by two or three orders of magnitude. We hired Manuel to help with this. He is perceptive and practical, detail-oriented and abstract, hard-working and laid-back, smart and humble. He is fun to work with and learn from, and a great teammate and all-around strategist / thinker in addition to having deep reactive / Akka-based experience.

    Overall, Manuel is fantastic, and he comes with my strong recommendation if you have an ambitious, distributed, high-speed technology that needs to flourish and scale.”


    Michael Briem, CEO Nexxchange AG – “I consulted Manuel during my recent venture into software as a service, and he has been a great resource. His input has helped me obtain the technical solutions for the Nexxchange platform that I’d been envisioning.

    I value his know-how in both technical and business matters and how diligently he translated technical content for me.”


    Robert Lux, Vice President IT & Development Dimoco Europe GmbH – “We had to replace a key component in our system and brought Manuel in to introduce us to Akka. We had already been looking closely at a different solution, but Manuel’s prototype quickly convinced us that Akka would be the best choice for us.

    Manuel used three connected Raspberry Pi computers to demonstrate how lightweight and fast the Akka toolkit is. He then got our team up-to-speed on the technology and supported us while we developed and successfully implemented our new system with Akka. In this critical process, his expertise with distributed software was invaluable to us.”


    Daniel Lang, CTO Talenthouse Inc – “When we wanted to switch our technical platform to a reactive architecture, Manuel supported and coached us through the entire process. He helped us rewrite our platform from scratch and migrate the massive Talenthouse databases.

    We only had three months to pull it off and wouldn’t have been able to do it without Manuel. With enthusiasm and creativity, he set us up with a brand new and stable platform that can now grow with our company.”


    Roman Kellner, CTO XTradeSoft Gmbh – “I’m very content with the work Manuel has done for us. He helped us with a variety of projects, including the architecture and design of the many services of the Nexxchange Portal.

    He is very goal-oriented and always open to discuss his honest opinion in order to make the best possible choice for the objective at hand.”


    Thierry Bathias, CTO Deveryware – “Manuel recently delivered one of his courses at Deveryware to help our development team get on track with Akka for Java. It makes things a lot easier that Manuel also offers his workshops in French, and the whole team made a lot of progress during the training.

    I especially appreciate Manuel’s flexibility and the work he put into making the training a perfect fit for us. He even went out of his way to accommodate our scheduling problems so that all our developers could attend the course.”


    Nicolas Leroux, CEO Lunatech – “I contacted Manuel to teach us a bit more about Akka for a new project that required our team to get to know the distributed side of Akka. The course went really well — so well, in fact, that we’re probably going to book another one for more of our people.

    I first reached out to Manuel via Twitter and we hashed most of the course out in direct messages. This is the kind of flexibility and openness I welcome from partners.

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  • “You‘ll come away with a solid understanding of how reactive web applications are architected, developed, tested, and deployed.”
    – James Roper, lead developer of the Play Framework
  • “Good theory and good practice, with powerful examples.”
    – Steve Chaloner, Objectify
  • “How to be reactive in your application development…Eye-opening.”
    – David Torrubia Íñigo, Fon Wireless Ltd
  • “A complete and exhaustive source of best practices for large-scale, real-world reactive platforms.”
    – Antionia Magnaghi, PhD – OpenMail