Wirecard has been growing substantially over the past couple of years. Consequently, we needed to rethink our architectural paradigm to support this sustained growth going forward.

We found that reactive microservices were the perfect solution, allowing us to scale up in terms of transaction volume. The microservices architecture also lets us fully leverage our international developer teams as it allows them to work independently without requiring constant communication, which is crucial for a company that operates on a global scale.

Manuel has been accompanying us on this journey since 2016, training our teams on Akka and Akka Cluster. He also performs regular architectural reviews, which helps us stay on track as the project evolves. Furthermore, Manuel has been giving us great advice when it comes to advanced technical topics, such as performance tuning.

It’s incredibly helpful to have a distributed systems expert at hand to guide our teams so we can ensure our core systems are capable of supporting our business growth.