We started MOIA because we wanted to create a ride-sharing service that makes transport more environmentally friendly and more affordable. In order to meet our Hamburg launch target, we needed some external help to speed up the development process, and this is where Manuel came in.

Manuel initially consulted with us on evaluating and setting up split-brain resolution for Akka Cluster in the context of our Kubernetes deployment.

Then, to offer a competitive app, our payment service needed to be rearchitected so as to support more payment methods. With time until our Hamburg launch running out, we asked Manuel to support our payment team with the overhaul.

He joined the payment team where he helped design the new version of the payment service and directly contributed to its development.

It was great to see how well Manuel integrated with our team despite not technically being a part of the company. He truly cared about our service and what we were creating and was essential to us hitting our target launch date.