Do you want to help your team start using Akka and the actor model quickly to create operational applications? I have worked intensively with Akka since 2011 and offer the official training of Lightbend Akka for Java – Professional, remotely or in your office.

The course is updated to include the new Akka Typed API that brings significant advantages over the classic API.


This three-day training was designed for the purpose enable experienced Java developers to create reactive applications based on Akka on the FMV. The training devotes a large part to the acquisition of knowledge by carrying out several practical exercises using adapted tools, which at the end of the training result in a operational application that is both resilient and message-oriented.


At the end of the training, trainees will be able to:

  • Design an elastic and resilient application with applications based on Akka actors.
  • Configure, test and adjust Akka applications.
  • Successfully design asynchronous applications, based on events with Akka.
  • Successfully run Akka applications in production.


  • Introduction
  • The basics of the actor model
  • How to test an actor
  • The life cycle of an actor
  • Failure tolerance
  • Routers & Dispatchers
  • Change the state and behavior of an actor
  • Ask Pattern
  • Akka Extensions
  • FSM


Lightbend Training Akka for Java – Professional is for experienced Java developers who want to learn Akka.


The examples and exercises use Java 8 in part with the Lambda API. It is therefore necessary that trainees have the basic knowledge of Java 8 and this API.

Please note that it is preferable that trainees come, for training, with their own machine for the training on which to install Java 8.

Details and Format

  • 3 days training
  • Remote (telepresence) or on the spot according to your needs and your location
  • Available for small groups (10 trainees at most) or large groups 11-20 trainees)

Are you interested in training?

Please send me an e-mail to [email protected] with the details of your company. We will discuss the price, check if the training is adequate for the needs of your team and if necessary book the dates.