Want to help your team to get started with Scala faster and to share the same basic knowledge about the language and the functional programming concepts? I have been working intensively with Scala since 2010 and am offering remote and in-house training for teams.


This two-day course is designed to give experienced developers the know-how to confidently start programming in Scala. The course ensures you will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the language, the tooling and the development process as well as a good appreciation of the more advanced features. If you already have Scala programming experience, then this course could be a useful refresher, yet no previous knowledge of Scala is assumed.


  • Course Overview and introductions
  • Introduction
  • First Steps in Scala
  • OO basics
  • Testing
  • Collections and FP basics
  • For Loops and For Expressions
  • Inheritance and Traits
  • Pattern Matching
  • Dealing with Optional Values
  • Handling with Failure
  • Wrapping Up


Application developers wishing to learn Scala.


Before taking this course you should have:

  • Experience with Java or another object-oriented language
  • No previous Scala knowledge is required

To complete the exercises in this course, students need to install the following before class:

  • JDK 8 or above
  • Typesafe Activator
  • Scala IDE or Intellij IDEA with Scala plugin

Details and format

  • 2 days course
  • Remote or onsite, depending on your needs and location
  • Available for small or large groups (up to 10 participants, or 11-20 participants)


The training course costs 8000€ for up to 10 participants

Interested in training?

Please email me at [email protected] with details about your business. We’ll discuss pricing, assess whether this training is a good fit for your team, and book a course date.