I started using Hey last July as it seemed like a good way to get less noise via e-mail, for my personal e-mails. After about a year of using it, here’s what I can say about it.

What works for me

  • it is easy to just turn off noise by screening out incoming e-mail adresses
  • for some things, it is fast

What does not work for me

  • when I click on an e-mail to read it, it is marked as read. Then, it will be shown at the bottom of the Imbox. There, it tends to disappear. So, if I read an important e-mail that I do not want to forget about but have already left it, I need to scroll back down after reading it and do something with it. Unfortunately, neither the views “Reply later” or “Set aside” help me with the remembering because they tend to stack up. So what I do is to mark the e-mail as “new” so that it keeps on top of the Imbox and I don’t end up forgetting about it. Unfortunately this doesn’t always work and I end up forgetting about important e-mails sometimes.
  • finding back forgotten e-mail is hard and very time consuming. In Hey it is not possible to archive e-mails so everything ends up at the bottom of the Imbox. Scrolling down the Imbox is slow as it needs to load e-mails quite often and that takes time. So I cannot easily go back through the e-mails to see if I forgot something important, like communications with friends.
  • the search doesn’t work well (it does not find everything) and is slow. I find myself going to GMail (from where mail is redirected) to search

All in all, I think I will not renew my subscription and go back to using GMail. And perhaps be somewhat more agressive with filtering out e-mails I do not want to see.