Programming languages I have dabbled with, in approximate order of first encounter:

  • Sinclair ZX81 basic
  • QuickBasic
  • logo
  • turbo basic
  • turbo pascal
  • assembly
  • html
  • c
  • java
  • sql
  • matlab
  • php
  • perl
  • javascript
  • python
  • action script
  • scala
  • groovy
  • typescript
  • go
  • swift
  • kotlin

I always planned on looking closer at a LISP (such as Clojure) but so far haven’t found the time to play with one.

In general, I find it increasinly easy to pick up a new programming language. Concepts translate rather well. There definitely are design differences between the languages that require more time to get right and getting the feeling for the idiomatic way of writing in language X does take a bit of practice, but all in all I find the exercise to be rather repetitive (I expect that someone will point out that I have not yet experienced LISP).