2022-11-04 Rust Development for the Raspberry Pi on Apple Silicon
2022-10-17 On remembering what I (don't) know
2022-08-11 Switching to Hugo after 17 years of WordPress
2021-04-25 Tour of Temporal: Performance
2021-04-12 Tour of Temporal: Welcome to the Workflow
2020-04-30 10000 nodes and beyond with Akka Cluster and Rapid
2019-12-03 Tour of Akka Typed: Cluster Singleton and Routers
2019-11-09 Tour of Akka Typed: Cluster Sharding
2019-10-28 One step closer: exploiting locality in Akka Cluster based systems
2019-09-05 Tour of Akka Typed: supervision and signals
2019-08-07 Tour of Akka Typed: Message Adapters, Ask Pattern and Actor Discovery
2019-05-02 Raspberry PI Akka Cluster LED strips
2018-07-20 Akka anti-patterns: Java serialization
2018-05-30 Akka anti-patterns: stateless actors
2018-03-23 Tour of Akka Cluster – Testing with the multi-node-testkit and a handful Raspberry PIs
2018-03-20 Akka anti-patterns: overusing ActorSelection
2018-02-26 Tour of Akka Cluster – Cluster Sharding
2018-01-31 Tour of Akka Cluster – Eventual consistency, persistent actors, message delivery semantics
2018-01-03 Tour of Akka Cluster – Akka Distributed Data
2017-08-26 Akka anti-patterns: naming your application components after Akka concepts
2017-07-26 A new adaptive accrual failure detector for Akka
2017-06-20 Akka anti-patterns: trusting the network
2017-06-08 Akka anti-patterns: using remoting
2017-06-05 Tour de Lagom Part 1: Lagom and microservices
2017-05-22 Akka Streams – What is NotUsed all about
2017-05-15 Akka anti-patterns: blocking
2017-04-10 IntelliJ IDEA OS X Shortcuts on Ubuntu Gnome
2016-11-21 Akka anti-patterns: being out of touch with the hardware
2016-08-16 Akka anti-patterns: race conditions
2016-08-09 Akka anti-patterns: flat actor hierarchies or mixing business logic and failure handling
2016-08-02 Akka anti-patterns: shared mutable state
2016-06-14 The microservices marathon
2016-04-19 Akka Cluster, Java and the Raspberry PI 3 Model B
2015-01-27 Reactive Play
2014-12-30 Generation Javascript
2014-04-23 A handful Akka techniques
2013-11-16 Tips & tricks for setting up a Play 2 project
2013-10-26 Reactive Golf or Iteratees and all that stuff in practice, part 3
2013-10-21 Reactive Golf or Iteratees and all that stuff in practice, part 2
2013-10-17 Reactive Golf or Iteratees and all that stuff in practice, part 1
2013-07-28 The case for document-oriented databases
2013-07-08 CRUD trait for Slick models in the Play! framework
2013-06-03 Java impressions after 2 years of abstinence
2013-03-26 Multi-modular development with Play 2.1
2012-10-26 Activating logging in test mode in Play 2.0.x
2011-11-18 MongoDB-based Cache for Play 1.2.x and Play-Scala
2011-09-16 Play! Scala and JSON
2011-03-23 Selenium IDE plugin for the Play! framework